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6 in 1 PU Wood Adhesive - 5 Minutes - Translucent - Gel

6 in 1 PU Wood Adhesive - 5 Minutes - Translucent - Gel

Once set it is 100% water resistant to EN 204 D4
Has excellent chemical resistance
Foams during curing to fill gaps and increased adhesion performance
Temperature resistant from -30°C to +150°C



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SKU Code:  247010
Bar Code:  5.06E+12
Brand:  Timco


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A premium grade polyurethane wood adhesive that will bond hard, soft, exotic and painted wood. This rapid curing foaming adhesive expands into materials to form an incredibly strong bond. Once set it is 100% waterproof to EN 204 D4 and has excellent chemical resistance. Due to the multi-purpose properties, this industrial strength adhesive can also be used to adhere a wide variety of building materials such as metal, various plastic (including PVC) polystyrene, stone, brick & masonry.

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